1: Arizona Robbins returns to Grey's Anatomy, stirring up excitement among fans. Will Bailey remember the magic of their past collaborations?

2: Arizona Robbins makes a grand entrance, leaving fans wondering if Bailey will embrace her return. Can they recreate the magic?

3: Arizona Robbins' presence challenges Bailey to remember the dynamics they once shared. Will their magic be reignited?

4: As Arizona Robbins returns, questions arise about the impact on Bailey. Can she rediscover the magic they once had?

5: The return of Arizona Robbins sparks nostalgia for Bailey, leading her to question the magic they once created together.

6: Arizona Robbins' comeback prompts Bailey to reflect on the past. Will the magic they shared be rekindled?

7: Arizona Robbins' return sends shockwaves through the hospital, making Bailey question if the magic can be revived.

8: Arizona Robbins' presence brings back memories for Bailey, but will their partnership still hold the same magic?

9: As Arizona Robbins returns, Bailey faces the challenge of recapturing the magic they once had. Will they find their spark again?

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